The Pioneering Black Cantabs before 1900.

According to the Victoria and Albert museum, Francis Williams was the son of wealthy freed slaves from Jamaica who attended Cambridge University in 1758.However, he does not appear in the university records. Williams father John Williams had been freed by the will of his former master acquiring property which he used to educate his children….

Musa Haji Deria Mohamed, The Earliest Somali Cantab.

Country of Origin: Somalia. Musa Haji Deria Mohamed was born in 1938 in the small village of Taleh, some 150 kilometres northeast of Las Anod. Taleh is best remembered as the headquarters of the pre-independence Dervish State, established and commanded by Mohamed Abdullah Hassan known to the British as the ‘Mad Mullah’ for his part…

Earliest African Women

Efua Sutherland in 1947 Princess Bagaya Jamaica lawyer Sierra Leonian woman at Girton Nigerian woman at Girton

Black Cantabs 1900-1930: The Chief’s Sons

The early 1900s saw an increased number of Black Cantabs join the University of Cambridge especially those from western Africa with a connection to Fourah Bay College in Siera Leone. In 1912, Augustus Molade Akiwumi from a prominent Ga family in Ghana joined Fitzwilliam College to study law. He later became a judge and second…